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Koishikawa Botanical Garden

The Koishikawa Botanical Gardens, located in Northern Tokyo, is owned and operated by the University of Tokyo, in particular the department of the Graduate School of Science.  The gardens offer a peaceful place to relax and explore the 4000 species of plants found in the garden. 

The Koishikawa Botanical Gardens is quite popular in the spring when the cherry trees begin to blossom, and the park is typically far less busy that the majority of cherry blossom viewing areas in the Tokyo Metropolitan area.

The Koishikawa Botanical Gardens were first created in 1684, originally established as a medicinal herb garden for the Shogunate, but was later made into the botanical gardens we know and love today following the Meiji restoration, it became property of Tokyo University and became the first research facility to study botanical research. 

Note, the gardens are not to be confused with Koishikawa Korakuen Garden

Hours and Admission

  • Hours: 9:00am - 4:30pm (4:00pm Last Entry)
  • 500JPY
  • Average Time Spent: 45 Minutes
  • Official Website

Accessing the Koishikawa Botanical Gardens

Because of it’s convenient location in Northern Tokyo, there is a wide network of rail services that stop within a few short minutes of walking. The entrance to the park is located in the south eastern corner of the park.

The closest train station to the park is Hakusan, which is 12 minutes away. Coming from Tokyo Station area, the travel time will be 15 minutes along the Mita Line, departing from Otemachi Station (located just outside the east entrance of the Tokyo Station). This journey will cost 220JPY one way. 

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