Seiganto-ji & Nachi Waterfalls – Wakayama | Travel Information

Nachi Falls in Wakyama Prefecture

Seiganto-ji & Nachi Waterfalls, in Nachikatsuura town – South Wakayama, are one of the areas most popular attractions, with stunning views of the natural beauty of raging waterfalls. 

For those wanting to check this area out, we highly recommend you stop by the viewing area of Seiganto-ji, just a little bit behind the parking lot. It looks onto Seiganto-ji, which is a 3 storied pagoda and Buddhist temple, and has the remarkable Nachi waterfalls in the background. A great photo opportunity!

According to legend, Seiganto-ji was founded in the 4th century by a visiting monk from India – Although the exact founding year is inconsistent due to a lack of records. The current main hall of the temple was built in 1590, and the pagoda was we reconstructed in 1972 after destruction in prior years.

Nachi Waterfalls are a dedicated UNESCO World Heritage site as of 2004, under the ‘Sacred Sites of Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range’.

Nachi no Taki is the Japanese name for for the waterfalls. It is the highest single drop waterfall in Japan, at 133m (436 ft). The width of the waterfall is 13m on average, but does expand during spring where the waterflow is increased. Nachi no Taki is classified as one of the 3 Great Waterfalls of Japan due to it’s spectacular height and spirituality 

In early days, Nachi no Taki was a popular pilgrimage destination, along with Nachi Taisha, the Grand Shrine of which Nachi no Taki and Seiganto-ji are connected to. It was and to this day, considered to be a very spiritual place, especially with those seeking enlightenment. 

Every morning, a Shinto priest makes an offering to the waterfall, further showing the importance the waterfalls play in peoples lives.

Every second, 1 ton of fresh mountain fed water pours down the side of the cliff. You can go for a walk down to the waterfalls (As pictured), but it’s too dangerous to go any closer than the designated viewing area.

Hours and Admission

Seiganto-ji Grounds

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Free

Seiganto-ji Pagoda

  • Hours: 8:30am-4:00pm
  • 200JPY

Nachinotaki Viewing Platform

  • Hours: 9:30am-4:30pm
  • 300JPY


Seiganto-ji and Nachi Falls are located high in the mountains. As such, we can really only recommend that you rent a car to go visit Seiganto-ji and Nachi falls as it’s in a really remote area that buses rarely visit for a reasonable price. 

Nearby Attractions

Wakayama Castle

Wakayama Castle, first built in 1585 in the city of Wakayama, was built for the feudal lord Hideyoshi Toyotomi, and remained in a under use my the Tokugawa Clan for several decades until it was destroyed during World War II. The current castle visible today was rebuilt shortly following the end of WWII, striking a near identical resemblance to it’s original iteration.

Okunoin Cemetery 

Okunoin, Wakayama Prefecture, is by far one of the creepiest places you will visit in Japan. Tucked away in the mountains, getting to the township of Koya-san is not the easiest of trips to make. But if you can somehow get to Koya-san, you will be delighted with a quiet, peaceful town full of rich history, dating back to the 8th century. 

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