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Nunobiki Herb Garden

The Nunobiki Herb Garden is one of the more niche things to do in Kobe, but the experience is still quite lovely. It’s convenient location near Shin-Kobe Station makes it a great place to stretch your legs and break up your long journeys on the bullet trains. 

The Nunobiki Herb Garden is much more than it’s name suggests. While there is an indoor herb garden full of the beautiful smell of flowers, there is also a gift shop where you can buy the fresh local spices and herbs sourced from the herb garden. 

The Nunobiki Herb Garden is a perfect date spot, with an outdoor foot bath, a classy restaurant, a waterfall, a pleasant stroll through the park, hammocks to relax on and beautiful night time views of the city, it’s not hard to see why so many locals choose to go here on a date. 

There is a gondola service which can take you up the side of the mountain up to the top observation deck and gift shop area. This service may occasionally stop due to high winds.

From the rope-way, you can see the Kobe famous waterfall, Nonobiki waterfall, which has a height of 43 meters.

Atlernatively, you can walk up the side of the mountain, which should take the average person about 30-45 minutes from the base to the top observation deck. Please be advised though, Wild Boar have been spotted in the area, so please use caution if you decide to climb the mountain.

Nunobiki Herb Garden

Hours and Admission

  • Ropeway
  • Hours: 9:30am - 5:00pm (8:30pm on weekends, and between July 20th and August 31st)
  • 1500JPY (Round Trip + Herb Garden Ticket), 950(One way + Herb Garden Ticket)
  • Official Website
  • Nunobiki Herb Garden
  • Hours: 10:00am - 5:00pm (8:30pm on weekends, and between July 20th and August 31st)
  • 200JPY (If you don't have a ticket for the ropeway)
  • Average Time Spent:
  • Official Website

Accessing Nunobiki Herb Garden

The Nunoniki Herb Garden is located north of Shin-kobe station, with the entrance to the gondola only being a 5 minute walk from the station exit.

The gondola takes about 20 minutes all up from Shin-Kobe Station, to the Nonobiki Herb Garden, spanning across two stations. 

You can also walk up the mountain if you are in the mood for exercise, but that will take significantly longer than riding on the Nunobiki Herb Garden Ropeway. 

There are many train lines that go to Shin-Kobe Station, so you can get to the station easily from almost anywhere in Kansai.


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