Shodoshima Olive Park | Kagawa Prefecture

The Shodoshima Olive park is an olive lovers dream, not kidding. It’s one of the only areas in Japan that can cultivate olives as a crop, given it’s climate. The Island has been producing olives since 1908, and if you eat olives in Japan, then it’s more than likely they were sourced from the Shodoshima island. As most of the people who visit the island come for the Olives, the Olive is a great place to spend an afternoon and try some of the local Olive related food, such as Ice Cream, Noodles, Candy, and other confectioneries and cosmetics. Needless to say, the 30,000 residents of the Island love Olives.


The Shodoshima Olive Park is really the place for olive lovers, and offers a nice walk through the olive groves, featuring views of the beautiful Seto Inland sea of Japan. Additionally, the park features a Greek style windmill which onlooks the ocean and the park, and makes for a great photography spot. 

The olive park includes a museum, cafe and gift shop. The Museum shows the history of olive production on Shodoshima, and is quite fascinating if you are into olive production. 

Additionally, the park has a nearby public bath house that offers a relaxing place to relax and have beautiful views of the ocean. The 8 baths, separated per each gender do make a perfect end to a busy day, and would highly recommend visiting them to anyone who visits the area – As long as you are okay with bathing nude next to a ton of strangers.

Hours and Admission

  • Hours: 8:30am-5:00pm (12:00pm-9:45pm for Bath house)
  • Free (700JPY for Bath house)
  • Average Time Spent: 1 hour
  • Official Website


‘Shima’ in Japanese refers to Island. As such, the Shodoshima Olive Park is located on an island, and can be accessed via a ferry, and most easily accessed from Takamatsu Port, which has services to Kusakabe Port and Ikeda port, which are the two closest ferry terminals. You can take a bus from the ports to Olive ga Oka bus station, and if you are coming from Kusakabe Port, then it will only cost 150JPY one way and take five minutes total.

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