Kyoto Tower – Kyoto | Travel Information

Literally just outside Kyoto Station, is Kyoto Tower. The Tower is the tallest structure in Kyoto coming in at 131m – that’s 2m less than Japan’s tallest waterfall ‘Nachi no Taki‘.

Kyoto tower completed construction in 1964, and to this day, holds the record for the world’s tallest non steel-frame construct. The towers viewing platform stands at 100m in the sky, which gives you a pretty astonishing view of the city, considering that there really aren’t a lot of buildings tall enough to obstruct your view anywhere closeby. 

Kyoto Tower

On a clear day with little clouds, you can even see some of the sky scrappers of Osaka and beyond.

The Kyoto tower is quite unique. If you have been to Kyoto, you might say that is sticks out like a sore thumb. And yes, it does, especially because it doesn’t match the traditional Japanese design style the city is famous for, but that doesn’t mean the Kyoto Tower isn’t an enjoyable experience – just a little odd design for a city with such cultural significance.

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Admission & Hours

  • 10:00am-6:00pm (Closed Dec.30-Jan.3.)
  • 800JPY