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The Sapporo Snow Festival is a annual festival that takes place in around the city of Sapporo. In 2019, the festival hit its 70th anniversary. The original snow festival was started by a small group of high school students. There was a total of 6 snow sculptures in the first year, which still had a remarkable turnout, which was an estimated 50,000 people – the size of a small city. 


There are 3 main areas for the festival, Odori Park, Tsudome(Sapporo Communtiy Dome), and Susukino (Ekimae-dori). Odori Park is where you will find all of the beautiful snow sculptures that people have put countless hours into building. At Susukino, you will find the area where the carved ice sculptures are – they are kept in the underground station street to prevent melting in the sun. And lastly, the Sapporo Community dome is where the games based around the snow and winter are held. All great places to visit and check out the festivities.

The 2019 Festival has concluded, dates and venues for 2020 will be announced closer to then.


Please use this map to determine how you will get to the different areas for the Sapporo Snow Festival

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