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Hitsujiyama Park in full bloom

Hitsujiyama Park, located in the south end of Chichibu city, Saitama Prefecture, is a park which sky rockets in popularity during spring, when the pink moss begins to blossom, encompassing large areas of the park in the beautiful and vibrant colours. 

The Park hosts a festival to see the beautiful colours up close every year in a festival hosted by the locals. In 2019, the festival dates are April 12th, to May 6th, 2019. So if you are in Tokyo at this time, then we encourage you to take the trip out of Hitsujiyama Park


The species of plant is known as Shibazakura, and there are over 400,000 Shibazakura plants in Hitsujiyama Park, spread across different 9 different breeds of this moss, each with a slightly different colour than the next one. As you can imagine, the Shibazakura create quite the display which sees tens of thousands visiting the park during the festival dates.

Hours and Admission

  • Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm (during Festival dates), 24/7 outside Festival Time
  • 300JPY (during Festival dates), Free outside Festival time
  • Average Time Spent: 1 Hour

Fun for Children & Families

Good for 1 - 2 People

Good for Groups

Wheelchair Friendly

Accessing Hitsujiyama Park

The closet train station to Hitsujiyama Park is Seibu-Chichibu Park, which is about a 15-25 minute walk away from Hitsujiyama Park. 

Coming from Tokyo, the journey is a little long, with it costing about 980JPY One Way for the standard train fare to the city, and would take about 2.5 hours to reach it from Tokyo. Around the park there is a nice river walk and a couple museums so if you do come to Hitsujiyama Park, make sure you visit the other things to see and do to make the trek.

Where To Stay near Hitsujiyama Park


Nearby Attractions

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