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Sapporo is ranked the fifth largest city in all of Japan, with a population of roughly 1.9 million people!

It is located on Japan’s northern island and prefecture of Hokkaido, and it is the capital city of Hokkaido prefecture.


The geographical location of Sapporo means that the city is prone to heavy snowfall, with the average yearly snowfall reaching over 5 meters – Making it a great place to host the Winter Olympics, which the city did in 1972, making Japan the first ever Asian country to host the winter Olympics. 

Some of the most famous attractions of the city are the Sapporo Beer Museum – the only beer museum in Japan – FushimiInari Shrine, and of course the annual Sapporo Snow Festival.

Sapporo Snow Festival

With a city that has an average annual snowfall that’s over 5m, one could expect that snow plays a vital role in the culture of the city. 

Every year, the city of Sapporo hosts a snow festival, where artists create stunning snow sculptures such as the one posted above. In recent festivals, there has even been a Star Wars themed sculpture, with Kylo Ren among other characters from the new series being depicted completely out of snow!

The next snow festival will take place January 31st, 2019, and will end on the 12th of February, 2019.

Day trips from Sapporo


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