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The Yokohama Chinatown is the largest Chinatown in all of Japan, beating out the two other famous Chinatowns – Kobe and Nagasaki. Roughly 160 years ago, the Yokohama Chinatown was founded following the opening of the Yokohama Port to foreign trade and migration which saw many Chinese immigrants flocking to the area in 1859. The Yokohama Chinatown is marked at 4 entrances by large and colourful gates which welcome you to the bustling streets of this historic region. 

While Yokohama Chinatown saw an mass exodus following the Great Kanto Earthquake in the 1920’s, which had a serious impact on the structural integrity of some buildings, and saw several of the Chinese residents return back home to China as it was a more economical solution than rebuilding their homes and places of work in the Yokohama Chinatown. Those who stayed, remain part of the legacy of the Yokohama Chinatown and are the reason why the area is the Yokohama’s most popular attraction. 

Without a doubt, the Yokohama Chinatown is an experience and a half. The wide array of delicious smells and the captivating sound of meat on a hot grill makes this area a haven for those who seek to explore new and unique foods. The cuisine at the Yokohama Chinatown is amazing and it’s very hard pass through without buying anything. 

Accessing Yokohama Chinatown

The Yokohama Chinatown is only a 10 minute train ride from Yokohama Station, and will only cost you 210JPY one way. It’s a really straight forward route and involves no transfers, but does involve a small walk from Motomachi-chukagai Station tha should take no more than 5 minutes. 

If you are looking for a little day trip from Tokyo, the train can be as fast as 45 minutes from Tokyo Station, with a small fee of 550JPY one way. There are JR Lines that go from Tokyo Station to Yokohama Chinatown (One transfer at Yokohama Station), so make sure you make use of your Japan Rail Pass

Where To Stay Near Yokohama Chinatown

Hotel Imalle Yokohama Isezakicho

The Hotel Imalle Yokohama Isezakicho has quite a unique set of rooms that will make you feel at home. If you are feeling a tad homesick and need a western style hotel, then this is the place to book, and the rooms are just fantastic. 

Hotel Edit Yokohama

The Hotel Edit Yokohama is a luxurious hotel that comes at quite a reasonable price. It’s conveniently located in Yokohama’s Naka Ward, and the hotel is only minutes away from the Yokohama Chinatown. Great for two people!

Yokohama Royal Park Hotel

Fancy a hotel with one of the best views in the city? Then the Yokohama Royal Park Hotel is a hotel that you must book. From stunning views of the night harbour, to unobstructed views of the glorious Mt. Fuji, the hotel is worth the price.

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