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Okayama prefecture located in western Honshu – Japan’s main island. It’s population is quite small, at only 1.9 million people across the prefecture. Okayama is in the Chugoku area, located along the Seto Inland Sea. 

Destinations in Okayama Prefecture

Okayama City

Okayama city is the largest city in Okayama prefecture with a population of 720,000 people. It was originally established in the Edo period, and today, Okayama stands as the capital city in Okayama Prefecture.

Okayama Castle

Okayama Castle is a 6 story castle in Okayama City which was completed in the late 1500’s, taking 8 years to complete. The castle was strategically places along the Asahi River, which served as a natural castle moat.


Kurashiki is a large city located in Okayama Prefecture.Parts of Kurashiki, in particular the Bikan district, date back to the Edo Period (1603-1868). Kurashiki was the center of one of Japan’s most essential trade & distribution routes for Rice.

Asahi River Walk

The Asahi River walk is a beautiful and peaceful walk along the Asahi River, which flows through the city of Okayama. The river played an essential role for the Okayama Castle, as it was a natural moat, protecting it from attack.

Korauken Garden

Korakuen Gardens are one of the top 3 most beautiful garden landscapes in Japan. A MUST see.

Kibitsu Shrine

One of Japans largest shrines sits just on the outkirts of Okayama city, dating back some 1000 years!

Accommodation in Okayama

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